Before digital cameras, I was married to black and white film. For almost 15 years I carried three cameras with me at all times: a Mamiya C330, a Nikon 35 mm, and a plastic Diana camera. I shot film as if it were digital and now have a library of thousands of negatives. These selected images are from my travels to Prague, Budapest, Greece, Sicily, Paris, New York, Utah, California, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, and Philadelphia.


I discovered a brownie camera when I was 8. In high school I was named most individualistic and sported a green mohawk. It was the 80’s. I graduated from The University of The Arts with a BFA. After graduation I left Philadelphia to hop trains and hitchhike throughout Europe. I shot 92 rolls of film. Two years later, I landed back in Philadelphia and used it as a base to live and work in other places. I had always dreamt about San Francisco so I packed up a few boxes and my two cats and headed in that direction. On the West Coast I unearthed the secrets of aromatherapy, worked for an urban rag and began to self actualize. I rode horseback home to the East. In 2005 I opened Bambi Gallery in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. During Bambi’s illustrious run, over 400 artists were shown and numerous careers were launched. In 2011, I closed Bambi Gallery to focus on my own work. And here I am.